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I (President of the editorial board Đurđe Bošković, Editor Vladislav Popović). – 1971; 163 pp. with illus. + 9 plans

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Археолошки институт - вести

Limes Congress 2018 - Belgrade and Viminacium (16.02.2018)   [ више ]

Dear colleagues,

Since Limes Congress is an event with a long tradition of nearly 70 years and brings together experts on the Roman Frontier Studies worldwide, I feel privileged to invite you to attend/participate in the 24th Limes Congress hosted by the Institute of Archaeology in Belgrade, Serbia, which will, for the first time, be held in Belgrade and Viminacium, 2‒9th September 2018.

The Congress will be opened in Belgrade, September 2nd 2018, with special attention to the exhibition “Roman Limes and Cities in Serbia” at the Gallery of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

All relevant information concerning the Congress will be available in detail through the Conference website in the months to come.


The registration process is now open. You can send registration form either via e-mail, or via website (available soon). If you already have sent your registration via e-mail, there is no need to register again at the limes website.

Please send your registration information, title of your paper / poster and session by the March 31st, 2018 to the following e-mail: limescongress.serbia@gmail.com.

To propose a session or to participate in an already organized one, please check the preliminary programme, themes and sessions on the website. The number of sessions was proposed by the Scientific Committee or the International Advisory Committee. If you wish to propose a new session or would like to organize one already proposed, feel free to contact us, send an abstract and suggest at least 5 participants. If you are sending paper for already existing session, please send abstract both to the congress and session organizers.

Looking forward to seeing you in Serbia!

Information related to the Congress you can find in the First Circular that you can download here.

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