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Посебна издања - Monographs

Knjiga 1 – Volume 1

Lazar MIRKOVIĆ, Miroslavljevo evanđelje

(French summary: Lazar Mirković,L'évangile de Miroslav), 1950. – 47 pp., 47 pls.; 23... [ даље ]


Археолошки институт - вести

The 9th ECFN and Nomisma.org Meeting postponed (08.05.2020)   [ више ]

The 9th ECFN and Nomisma.org Meeting postponed

Dear colleagues,
We are writing in reference with the 9th ECFN and Nomisma.org Meeting, previously planned to be organised in Viminacium  from 21st  -  25th April 2020, and due to the  COVID–19 circumstances postponed for 1st – 5th September this year.
Regarding the spread of the corona virus in Europe, and monitoring the development of current events in that sense, we are of the opinion that travel and gatherings will be severely affected in terms of safety and convenience before the end of this year. For reasons above mentioned, we regret being forced to postpone the 9th ECFN and Nomisma.org Meeting until 13rd – 17th April 2021, keeping the same programme as it had already been scheduled.
We are kindly asking all the participants who have registered for the 2020 event to confirm their applications for the 9th ECFN and Nomisma.org Meeting for 13rd – 17th April 2021. The confirmation deadline is 1st October 2020. As we have already finished preparing the Book of Abstracts for printing, it is our polite request that you should stay with the same papers.

The Instructions regarding the payments that have already been made:

For all the participants who have made payments, we can keep their payments for the 2021 Meeting.

Those who want their payments to be returned, please send the information in following order for your money to be refunded:

  • your name (if you pay as a private person) or name of your institution
  • private address or institution address
  • name of the bank
  • bank address

The colleagues who asked for the refunds in March, please wait till 11th The Archeological Institute in Belgrade will start work on 18th May, from when the refunds will be processed. We apologise to some colleagues who have been waiting for this service since early March. The state of emergency is still in force in Serbia and we have not been able to do this.


We very much regret having to take this course of action, but feel that it is in the best interests of everybody’s safety, as well as ensuring that as many people as possible can participate in the event.

Best wishes,

Director of the Institute of Archaeology
Miomir Korać

Steering Committee Members:
Vujadin Ivanišević
Mirjana Vojvoda
Rahel Ackermann
Andrew Meadows
David Wigg-Wolf

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