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The 9th ECFN and Nomisma.org Meeting information meeting updates (01.07.2021)   [ више ]

Dear colleagues,

I am very pleased to inform you that most of the originally registered participants confirmed their participation in the 9th ECFN and Nomisma.org Meeting until 21st – 25th September 2021.

The situation is developing well in Europe as far as vaccination is concerned, so travel conditions are changing. So far, Serbia has signed an agreement with several countries on the recognition of vaccination certificates (Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Turkey, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina). I hope that in September it will spread to other countries.

Covid-19 Entry Conditions you can follow on Republic of Serbia, Ministry of Forgeign Affairs website:


It is recommended for participants to be vaccinated, which will greatly facilitate the trip and make our Meeting far safer. We would like to inform you that all employees of the Archaeological Institute Belgrade have been vaccinated, as well as all staff at the Archaeological Park and Limes Park at Viminacium. Nevertheless, during the Meeting we will adhere to the measures that will then be in force, in order to provide a safe environment for all participants.

For a few colleagues, who cannot travel due to health reasons, we will organize online participation with the papers they have submitted. The same will apply to colleagues from the USA, if the measures prescribed for them in Serbia remain in force in September.

Colleagues who did not make payments in 2020 or to whom we returned the money, please don't pay according to the instructions we sent last year! 

You will pay the costs of the excursion and registration fee in cash in euros (70 euros per person). Accommodation and food costs can be paid with a bank card at Viminacium (195 eur per person). You will receive invoices for both payments. Everyone who paid in 2020 will also receive invoices upon arrival.

We hope that the circumstances with the corona virus will remain the same or that they will improve, and that we will finally gather in September.

We will inform you regularly about changes in the conditions of entry into Serbia.

Kind regards,

Steering Committee Members: 
Vujadin Ivanišević                                                               
Mirjana Vojvoda
Rahel Ackermann
Andrew Meadows
David Wigg-Wolf


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